Tips For Starting Your Flower Garden

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Tips For Starting Your Flower Garden

28 November 2016
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There are few plants that can add more color and beauty to your yard than flowers. However, homeowners that have little experience with gardening can make some simple mistakes when it comes to arranging their flower beds. These mistakes can lead to problems for your flowers that may prevent them from reaching their full potential, but you may avoid these problems by being aware of these basic tips.

Appreciate The Benefits Edging Can Provide Your Flower Beds

When you are creating your flower beds, you should always include stone edging around the rim of the bed. While this may seem like it will provide purely cosmetic benefits to your garden, it can actually offer a number of practical benefits as well. For example, the edging will help the flower bed to retain water, and it will also help to stop erosion by slowing runoff as it flows over the flower bed.

Place Mulch Around The Flowers

Placing a couple of inches of mulch around the base of your flowers can also help them to better retain moisture, which can be very beneficial during the driest times of the year. However, water retention is not the only benefit that mulch can provide. It is also possible for the mulch to add nutrients to the soil near the flower roots as it decomposes. Lastly, mulch will also help to slow the growth of weeds as it will be more difficult for the weeds to take root in the mulch.

Be Conscious Of The Height Of The Flowers When Arranging Them

Flowers come in a wide assortment of types, and many of these types will have varying heights. It can be a common mistake for individuals to simply mix their flowers together without considering the height of these plants. However, if you make the mistake of plant short flowers near taller ones, you may inhibit the growth of the shorter flowers. This is because the taller ones may block out much of the sun. For this reason, you should always keep your flower bed organized by the height of the flowers.

Getting the most out of your flower bed does not have to be difficult. By avoiding some potential oversights, you will be better able to help ensure that your flowers are as beautiful and healthy as possible. In particular, adding edging to your flower beds, appreciating the benefits provided by mulch and keeping the flowers organized by height may help you improve your gardening experience and results. For assistance, talk to a professional like Wild Geese Gardens.