Easy Rustic Door Decorations You Can Make

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Easy Rustic Door Decorations You Can Make

19 April 2017
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If you really enjoy the rustic aesthetic, you probably want to make sure that all parts of your home have some sort of callback to it. If you have enough money, you likely will take the time to hire an interior designer and have him or her tell you what you want to buy in order to really decorate your home in the rustic style. However, if you don't have the money, you might want to do some of the decorating yourself. One easy way to make sure that your home emanates the rustic vibe is to decorate your rustic door. Here are some easy rustic door decorations that you can make.

1. Wrap the Handles in Twine

The easiest thing that you can do is disguise more modern handles with twine. Go to a craft store and purchasing some crafting twine that is a shade or two darker or a shade or two lighter than the color of your door. This will allow the twine to stand out without being too "matchy-matchy." Tie one end of the twine to the top of a door handle. Use a little bit of hot glue if you find that the twine falls down due to the fact that the handle is very smooth. Wrap the twine around the handle of the door until you hit the end of the handle. Be sure that every part of the handle is covered. Tie the twine off and use some hot glue to secure it in place.

2. Make Your Own Wreath

Another thing that you could do is make your own wreathes out of autumn leaves or other greenery, depending on the season. First, take some wire and make the frame of the wreath. Try to wrap the wire around a cylindrical object that has the diameter that you are looking for in your wreath. Once you have the wire frame, using two or three loops, you can start adding your decorations. You should start by adding a base of foliage, such as leaves, wildflowers, or just general greenery. Try to stay away from anything that looks out of season, such as a Christmas wreath in the summer. Keep the wreath as simple as possible. Avoid anything sparkly  in order to maintain the aesthetic that you are going for.

For more information, talk to a company that specializes in rustic decorations. They will have decorations that you can buy if you need to get the aesthetic correct for an event that is coming up soon. For more information, contact companies like The Rustic Express.