How To Create An Old-Fashioned Back Yard

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How To Create An Old-Fashioned Back Yard

27 July 2017
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Are you the type of person who loves movies that take place in the olden days? Perhaps you remember spending sweet days at your grandparent's or your great-grandparent's home where you loved the feeling of yesteryear. If you are trying to create an old-fashioned back yard, from selecting the right lawn furniture to installing modern lawn sprinklers, here are some ideas for you.

Make  A Plan - Take your time while you gather pictures from decorating magazines and while you look at classic movies like Anne Of Green Gables that might inspire you.

  • Think about using white weatherproof wicker for your lawn furniture. A garden bench swing would be nice, too.
  • Think of using statues like angels, dogs and little children which you will place in strategic places of your back yard.
  • A good focal point would be to have a wishing well or a water fountain in the center of your back yard.
  • Don't forget to have bird houses in the trees. Add decorative birds to places like table tops or even nestled in flower beds.
  • When designing your flower beds, consider mixing things like asparagus, lettuce and other edible plants along with rose bushes, geraniums and other flowering plants.

Add Modern Conveniences - Even though you want an old-fashioned look to your back yard, you can still have modern conveniences to make gardening easy.

  • Start with the installation of lawn sprinklers. They are affordable and can be installed in a short period of time.Visit a site like for more info. 
  • The great part about modern awn sprinklers is that they won't even show.
  • In addition, the people who install the lawn sprinklers will be able to put a timer on them so that the water will turn on and off automatically.
  • The installers will be happy to work with you in determining where to add sprinklers to garden beds.
  • Consider having the installers check the lawn sprinklers about once a year to keep them working well.

When you are looking for things like wicker lawn furniture and bird houses, consider searching catalogues which may have unique items in them. In addition, go to places like estate sales, yard sales and antique stores where you might find one-of-a-kind pieces that will add to the old-fashioned feeling you are trying to establish. And, don't forget to look in your grandparent's or your great-grandparent's attic where you might find things that they would be happy to share with you.