Sprinkler Repairs And Problems: 4 Tips To Identify Problems With Irrigation Systems That Cause High Water Bills And Soggy Lawns

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Sprinkler Repairs And Problems: 4 Tips To Identify Problems With Irrigation Systems That Cause High Water Bills And Soggy Lawns

24 November 2019
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If you have sprinklers for the irrigation system of your lawn, there are a lot of things that can go wrong. Things like damaged sprinkler heads and problems with collapsed lines and failing timers can cause issues with your water bills and your lawn. The following tips will help you identify problems with your sprinkler system that are causing high water bills and problems with the lawn and plants in your landscaping:

1. Broken Sprinkler Heads That Are Leaking and Not Water the Lawn Correctly

One of the most common problems with sprinkler systems is damaged sprinkler heads. This is often due to the heads getting hit with lawnmowers or other gardening equipment. It is a good idea to have extra heads available to do quick repairs done and contact a sprinkler repair service if the line below the head has also been damaged.

2. Faulty and Outdated Timers Causing the Irrigation System to Waste Water  

The outdated timer of your sprinkler system could be the problem causing excessive water consumption. If the timer is broken or fails, it could cause the sprinklers to come on when they should not or not turn on at all. Therefore, you will want to consider options for updating your sprinkler system with modern irrigation controls, which will also help make your sprinklers more efficient when you have the repairs done.

3. Water Lines That Are Pinched or Damaged and Causing Problems with Your Irrigation Systems

Sometimes, the water lines of sprinkler systems can be damaged due to problems like collapsed pipes and pinched lines. These problems are often due to issues like driving over the areas with sprinkler lines or poor installation. Repairing the collapsed and pinched lines will help prevent stress on your irrigation system that can lead to leaks and excessive water consumption.

4. Faulty Sprinkler Line Connections That Are Causing Leaks and Need to Be Repaired to Prevent Water Loss

Another problem that you will want to look for and be aware of is faulty connections that can leak. These problems can cause some areas of irrigation to get more water than others, and higher water consumption that can lead to costly water bills. Repairing the connections and resealing them can help prevent these leaks and high-water bills.

These tips will help you locate the problems with your sprinkler system that are causing the lawn to be soggy and your water bills to be high. If you need help with repairing the problems with your sprinklers, contact a sprinkler repair service for help with repairing these problems.