Three Good Locations For A Split Rail Fence

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Three Good Locations For A Split Rail Fence

3 January 2020
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Split rail fences are common in residential applications, but they can also be useful in other locations, too. If you have a fencing need and are evaluating the different types of fences that a local fence company can build for you, don't overlook the split rail design. This wooden fence, which can be made of a variety of woods and painted or stained to give you the desired look, offers plenty of benefits that can make it the best choice for your upcoming project. Here are three locations in which a split rail fence can be a perfect choice.

Around A Park

Community parks often have fences around them. A fence is beneficial in this location for many reasons, including the fact that it provides a perimeter inside of which children can play. For example, parents can tell their kids to play anywhere inside of the fence; without a fence, some children could wander precariously close to the road. When you're choosing a fence for a park, you don't want something large, foreboding, and metal. A wooden split rail fence has a friendly appearance that can complement the friendly look of your park.

Around A Restaurant Patio

Another good way to use a split rail fence in a non-residential application is around a restaurant patio. If you run a restaurant that has an outdoor eating space, you generally want to have some border around it. Choosing fencing for around a patio can be challenging. Some types of fencing — chain link, for example — won't work well in this location because they can seem too industrial. A stylishly built split rail fence, especially if you use rustic elements on your patio, can be a perfect match.

Around A Garden Center

If you run a garden center and are making some changes to your landscaping, you may want to arrange for a fencing contractor to build you a split rail fence. This type of fencing is functional, as it provides a perimeter to your outdoor space and lessens the risk of someone being able to steal products that you have on display in this area. It also offers a highly suitable look for the type of business that you run. People who visit your garden center will be thinking about the plants that they need to buy for their properties. When they see your wooden split rail fence — a type of fencing that is common on residential properties — they may notice what plants look good along the fence and buy them.

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