Getting New Furniture? 3 Items You Need From The Hardware Store

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Getting New Furniture? 3 Items You Need From The Hardware Store

10 April 2020
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New furniture can be a welcome addition to any home, making spaces more welcoming and user-friendly. However, many people don't realize just how much work getting new furniture can be, since many manufacturers send items partially assembled or completely disassembled. Here are three items you need from the hardware store, and how they will help you to move new pieces into your space.

1. An Allen Wrench Set

Prized for their torque and ability to deter curious kids, hex screws are used heavily in furniture assembly. While many ready-to-assemble furniture pieces will come with a small hex tool, also known as an Allen wrench, it can be a lot easier to put together furniture when you have your own set of wrenches available at your disposal.

Allen wrench sets come with several wrenches ready to go, making it easy to find a properly sized tool without worrying about stripping out the hex end. Additionally, many Allen wrench sets are available in pocket-knife configurations, creating a handle you can use comfortably as you screw furniture pieces together. When you have finished using one size of wrench, you can simply fold the tool back into the pocket knife handle, making it easy to keep all of your wrenches in one place. 

2. A Level

When installing furniture, it is crucial to make sure that the piece is level and properly mounted. Bookshelves, cabinets, and even beds should be level to create a steady, functional space. When you go to the hardware store before your furniture delivery, look for a level that is large enough to cover a decent percentage of the top of the furniture piece you will be installing. The larger the level, the more accurate the installation will be since it will account for a larger plane.

3. Furniture Coasters

To prevent flooring damage and to make furniture easier to move throughout your home, consider picking up some furniture coasters while you are at the store. These simple devices are discs that slide easily across a surface. As you assemble furniture, you can place the coasters under the feet, preventing damage.

When you have successfully installed your new furniture, sit back and admire your progress. The right elements can transform your home, creating a space that is just as functional as it is easy to use. When you are ready to start investing in new furniture, reach out to a local hardware store to get the tools to assemble it.