Are You Giving Your Husband a Grandfather Clock for Father's Day?

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Are You Giving Your Husband a Grandfather Clock for Father's Day?

28 May 2020
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Has your husband told you that he's interested in one day owning a grandfather clock? Is he an avid collector? No matter the scenario that has inspired you to give your husband a grandfather clock, you likely have questions about which one to buy. If that's true, you've come to the right place for ideas. Here are some ideas of what to get your spouse for Father's Day. 

1. A Traditional Grandfather Clock 

Think of selecting a grandfather clock with a cherry wood finish on hardwood and veneer. The color of the cherry wood will lend a very elegant feeling to the clock. In addition, a polished brass pendulum and beveled glass for the front of the clock will give it a traditional look. Choose a clock that is set on a multi-tiered base for even more elegance.

2. A Contemporary Grandfather Clock

Maybe you know that your husband would love a grandfather clock with a more contemporary look. If so, choose one with a black coffee color, again on hardwood and veneers. Very simple lines and light distressing will add to the contemporary look of the clock. A brushed nickel pendulum with nickel finished shells will add interest to the design.

3. A Rustic Grandfather Clock

Maybe the grandfather clock will be placed in a room that has rustic oak furniture in it. A grandfather clock with an oak finish on hardwood and veneers would be a good choice for that room. Choose a clock with an elongated glass door, a dark blue moon phase on the dial, and polished brass numerals. 

As you select the grandfather clock for your husband's Father's Day gift, think of buying a clock that has been made in the United States. The designer of the clock will have the talent and the knowledge to provide perfect workmanship in the clock you end up selecting. Besides the overall design of the clock, you can have the peace of mind that the door of the clock can be locked so that nobody can mess with the inside portion of the clock.

Choose a clock that has an heirloom plate as part of the design. The heirloom plate can be returned to the company to have the year and a message engraved in beautiful lettering. If you're ready to get a grandfather clock this Father's Day for your spouse, consider contacting suppliers like Place of Clocks.