Tools You May See A Locksmith Use To Help You Get Into Your Home

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Tools You May See A Locksmith Use To Help You Get Into Your Home

15 September 2020
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When you've managed to lose your key and lock yourself out of your own home, the first professional to reach out to is a locksmith. These trained professionals usually spend a lot of time learning and honing their skills in the field, so they have the insight necessary to help you out. While most people know professional locksmiths rely on tools to help them open a lock, most have no idea what types of tools these pros use. Tucked away in the toolbox of the average locksmith is a full repertoire of interesting tools of the trade. Here is a look at a few you may see used when you get locked out. 

A Lock and Safe Scope

If you have even been to the doctor and had the doctor look in your ear with a small lighted scope, you have seen a tool similar to that which the locksmith will use. The lock and safe scope is a small handheld scope that gives the locksmith the ability to peer into a small opening and see the inner working components of a lock up close. These scopes are usually equipped with an LED light and can have various tip attachments to narrow or expand the view through the scope. You may see the locksmith pull this tool out right after they arrive at your home. 

A Lock Tension Tool 

When you slip a key into a lock, the lock turns when you turn the key, which sets off a series of occurrences in the internal mechanisms to grant you access. While the locksmith is working to crack open a lock, they will need the lock itself to stay stable. Otherwise, it can be hard to slip pins and slips into the right receptacles. The tool used to stabilize the lock to keep it from turning is the lock tension tool. This tool has thin and very small prongs that slip into the lock opening as well as a handle the locksmith will hold while they work. 

A Plug Spinner 

A plug spinner essentially mimics a key; it as a flared base and thin point that gets inserted into the lock. The plug spinner can be attached to a series of different plugs to coincide with the internal parts of a lock. The locksmith may attach a few different plugs on the end of a plug spinner before they get the precise unit that works. 

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