Great Tips for Using Office Furniture in Your Home's Decorative Scheme

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Great Tips for Using Office Furniture in Your Home's Decorative Scheme

29 August 2016
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If you find your office chair to be the most comfortable seat in your house, you may find yourself looking for reasons to sit in front of your desk. While this can be easy if you work from a home office, it may be more challenging if you work outside the home. However, including comfortable office furnishings in your home decor can be easier than you think.

Office Chairs Can Look Great in Your Den or Living Room

Adding an office chair or two to your den and living room can look great and provide comfortable seating for people with back, hip, or knee problems. Some sofas and sofa chairs are hard to get up from, even more so if you are suffering with painful arthritis in your lower extremities and back. You can find office chairs in a variety of colors, making it easy to coordinate them into your existing color scheme. An office chair in your kitchen can make sitting while waiting on dinner to cook more comfortable as well. If you have a lower back problem, standing at the stove to watch foods cooking can be hard, so having an office chair nearby that you can raise up to give you a view of simmering food while sitting is a great idea.

Using the Old Credenza from Work in Your Home Decor

Credenzas are wonderful for storing linens and blankets in because they have a lot of open space. If your boss is cleaning out the office furniture to replace with new furnishings, be sure to ask if you can have the old furniture. You may even get it for free, an even greater benefit. Credenzas can also look great in your game room and be useful for storing items like pool sticks or all those video games and game consoles your kids have collected over the years.

Filing Cabinets Are Not Just Useful for Files

Wooden filing cabinets can be a great piece of furniture to use in your den for storing DVDs or old VHS tapes. Keeping DVDs and tapes in a filing cabinet can also help you keep them from becoming covered in dust. Filing cabinets can also be a great place to store scrapbooking and other craft supplies. You might also consider storing towels and washcloths in a filing cabinet in your bathroom. Filing cabinets are tall and narrow and would be easy to fit into smaller bathroom spaces. A two-drawer filing cabinet makes a perfect bedside table.

Many businesses have rummage sales for selling their used office furniture at great low prices. Check your local newspaper and sites such as for any rummage sales near you and to start using office furniture to make your home a more comfortable place to be.