Have Metal Roofing? Know About These Potential Issue That Can Come Up

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Have Metal Roofing? Know About These Potential Issue That Can Come Up

19 April 2017
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Many homeowners and business owners prefer metal roofing because it is durable, requires minimal maintenance over the years, and has the ability to reflect heat. Metal roofing also has fire-retardant properties, and can be painted any color to fit in with your building. That said, metal roofing still requires repair from time to time. Here are some issues that you can run into, as well as how to deal with them.

Cracks and Punctures

One issue with metal roofing is how it cannot easily withstand a lot of additional weight, especially due to walking on the surface. This can cause the material to crack and let water inside the building. If you notice tearing in the material from the installation, know that caulk can help temporarily seal these gaps and cracks and prevent water from getting in. The reason this is temporary is because metal expands and contracts as the weather fluctuates. The caulk that you applied will become loose after several changes in seasons, and the metal roofing material should eventually be replaced.

This is why you want to avoid walking on metal roofing when possible. Avoid using it on a flat roof, especially if you need to go up on your roof to service HVAC equipment installed up there. It's also worth having a professional roofer handle repairs for you, because they will know how to navigate the roof without causing damage to the material. IF they do cause damage in the process of working on your roof, they'll be responsible and capable of fixing it.

Blow-Offs and Loose Seams

Since your metal roofing will expand and contract due to the weather, fasteners and screws can become loose and fall off. If you ignore this problem, it can cause pieces of the metal roofing to fall off, which will put your building at a high risk for developing a leak.

Blow-offs can also happen, which is due to flashing being installed incorrectly. Wind will catch underneath a piece of roofing material, and potentially rip it off your roof. It leaves a clear gap in the material where water is capable of getting inside your building.

You can avoid this from happening by getting a roof inspection. They will check for screws and fasteners that are loose, and fix areas where the flashing is not installed correctly. Contact a professional roofer, like one from Premium Panels Inc, in your area for assistance with this type of roof inspection.