3 Important Features For Sumptuous Custom Made Draperies In An Otherwise Minimalist Bedroom

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3 Important Features For Sumptuous Custom Made Draperies In An Otherwise Minimalist Bedroom

4 October 2017
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The streamlined and modern look of minimalist style is a popular choice for many people in their home's living areas. You may have embraced this look in your home as well, yet when it comes to the bedroom, you may feel that the minimalist style doesn't quite fit in with the soft and relaxing aesthetic you like in your bedroom.

It's possible to find a happy middle ground between minimalism and a room that feels warm, cozy, and inviting. By sticking to the basics of minimalist design and keeping your furnishings simple, high-quality, and sparse, you can add some romance and softness by adding rich, warm, and luxurious fabrics.

Your choice of drapery is very important in this respect and can give your bedroom the feeling of glamour and comfort that you want. Here are three important features to include when you have custom made draperies commissioned for your new bedroom look.

1. Extra length

To create a touch of romance and some old-fashioned elegance, opt for draperies that have a little extra length than is usually required. This means that instead of merely skimming along the floor line, your drapes will gently pool on the floor in a luscious and slightly decadent way. The added length will help to soften and accentuate the clean lines of the room's minimalist design.

2. Layering

Another way to add some flair and beauty to your bedroom is to use two or more layers of curtains to create a voluptuous and regal look with your drapes. This can still be a simple look, with a sheer curtain underneath and a heavier material over the top. You can also combine different colors and textures for a bolder and more eye-catching look.

3. Function

As well as visually enhancing the room, your new drapes should also function perfectly as a high-quality window dressing. This means opting for the right fabric to block out light effectively and add insulation to your windows. It also means choosing good quality fixtures such as rails and hooks to ensure ease of use and durability.

Having your new drapes custom made is the best way to get the perfect curtains for your bedroom both aesthetically and functionally. Your drapery designer and manufacturer will also be able to help you to make the all-important final choices if you can't quite decide on the perfect style and materials for your new bedroom.