Tips For Buying Fabric For Your First Sewing Project

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Tips For Buying Fabric For Your First Sewing Project

22 February 2019
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If you're getting ready to tackle your first sewing project, you might be ready to take a trip to the fabric store or to start shopping for fabric online. If you need tips for choosing fabric, remember the following things:

Buy Extra Fabric

For one thing, even if you're following a tutorial or pattern, you may want to buy extra fabric; then, if you make a mistake when you're sewing, you will have additional fabric to work with so that you can complete your project.

Avoid Slippery Fabrics

Even though you might like silk and other slippery fabrics, you may not want to try them when you are first getting used to sewing. After all, slippery fabric can be more prone to sliding around when you're using the sewing machine or sewing by hand. After you work with non-slippery fabrics and become steadier with your hands, you can then try working with the slippery fabrics that you like.

Choose a Lighter Fabric

Additionally, you might want to avoid heavier fabrics like denim when you first start sewing. It can be tougher to sew these thicker fabrics, making the craft a little more challenging. Instead, try a thinner fabric that will be easier to work with when completing your first sewing project.

Stick to Solid Colors

It can be hard to line up patterns when you're sewing, and any mistakes that you make when you are sewing will probably be a lot more obvious. Instead, you will probably want to stick with solid colors. If you do want to choose a fabric that has a pattern, you may want to select a smaller and simpler pattern if you would like to make your first sewing project a little bit easier for yourself.

Avoid Overly Expensive Fabric

Lastly, even though you will want to buy fabric that is of a decent quality, you may want to avoid buying expensive fabric. After all, when you're still getting used to working with fabric, there is a bigger chance that you will make a mistake. You probably will not feel as bad about the mistake if the fabric that you purchased was cheap.

If you're preparing to buy fabric for your first sewing project, the tips above will help you with making that purchase. Then, you will have the fabric that you need for any craft and sewing projects that you might be thinking about. For more information, you can contact fabric companies like By The Yard.