Need Luxury Furniture? 3 Ways To Personalize Your Order

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Need Luxury Furniture? 3 Ways To Personalize Your Order

15 May 2020
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When you shop for high-end furniture, one thing that you might notice right away is the sheer number of options you are faced with when you go somewhere nice. While many furniture stores may have a variety of options, luxury furniture shops may give patrons more options, making it a breeze to personalize your order for your preferences or home style. Here are three ways to personalize custom furniture pieces. 

1. Consider Custom Fabrics

When you evaluate luxury furniture, pay more attention to the size and shape of the piece than you do to the color or texture since many custom pieces can be carefully customized with different fabrics. Think about what kind of styles, fabrics, and colors you like so you can order that gorgeous custom chair, sofa, chaise, or ottoman in the perfect fabric for your home. 

When you select fabrics, be mindful of scale. Don't choose a fabric with print so small that it is difficult to see, and stay away from fabrics with an oversize scale if you have a small place. Larger prints may make the piece feel bigger, which could seemingly cramp a small apartment. 

2. Switch Up The Hardware

If you have the choice, consider switching out the hardware for something a little more interesting. Replace those boring brushed nickel dresser drawer pulls with some shiny gold or polished chrome knobs, and ask about things like European bar pulls if you want something a little more modern. When you select hardware, look for pieces that are comfortable to grip but that also feel solid and durable. Avoid any hardware that appears flimsy or trendy, as it may need to be replaced sooner rather than later. 

3. Choose Less Popular Styles

If you have friends who like the same luxury furniture stores you do, consider opting for some of the less popular styles when you shop—just to make sure you don't end up with the same furniture pieces as someone else. After you find something you like, ask what other changes can be made to the furniture pieces to ensure that your space feels unique and special. 

If you are thinking about investing in high-end furniture, don't be afraid to look for what you really want. Carefully consider things like your overall budget and the style of your home so you can select items that will last for the long haul. Remember that while high-end furniture items may be more expensive up front, the long term costs may actually be lower since you may not have to replace them as frequently. 

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