Six Things To Consider When Choosing Where To Position Your Solar Leaf Windmills

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Six Things To Consider When Choosing Where To Position Your Solar Leaf Windmills

9 May 2022
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One of the biggest decisions you'll have to make when you add solar leaf windmills to your yard is where you will position them. There are numerous factors to consider to find the best way to position your solar leaf windmills to optimize your yard and landscaping.

The following are six things to consider when choosing where to position your solar leaf windmills. 

Wind and sun exposure

To function effectively, solar leaf windmills need to be exposed to enough wind and sunlight. This makes wind and sun exposure the number one consideration when deciding where to position them.

If you want your solar leaf windmills to function optimally, make sure that you don't position them in a spot where they will be shielded from either the wind or the sun. Look to maximize wind and sun exposure so that your solar leaf windmills generate as much power as possible. 

Existing landscape features

Consider available space as well as the color scheme of your existing landscape. One great thing about solar leaf windmills is that they are often colorful and can therefore enhance the color scheme of your existing landscape. 

Make sure that you're placing your solar leaf windmills in places where they'll be readily visible to observers on your patio and in other areas where people are likely to congregate around your property. 


Wildlife in your yard may be curious about your solar leaf windmills. This could make it so that wildlife cause damage to your solar leaf windmills if you're not careful. You should try to position solar leaf windmills in your yard in spots where they are less likely to be meddled with by wildlife. 

Air circulation

One great benefit of solar leaf windmills is that they can get air circulating throughout your yard. This is especially helpful when it comes to blowing pollen and allergens away from the doors and windows of your home. 

You should consider how you want air to circulate when you're positioning your solar leaf windmills. Position your solar leaf windmills so that they fan air away from your home if you want to keep allergens and outdoor air away from your interior. 

Lighting needs in your yard

Many solar leaf windmills have light bulbs on them that illuminate your yard. You therefore should position them to best take advantage of the light that they offer at night. 

Number of solar leaf windmills you'd like to place in your yard

Consider how many solar leaf windmills you need to meet your lighting needs and to fill up your yard with attractive landscaping features. More solar leaf windmills mean more nighttime illumination.

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