Steps To Set Up Your Large Party Frame Tent

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Steps To Set Up Your Large Party Frame Tent

24 October 2022
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If you are having a large party on your property, one key item you will need is a tent. A large frame tent is one of the best ways to bring an outdoor event indoors without having to rent a space or have people into your home. It can be intimidating to set up a large tent, but the following are the steps to help you understand the basics. Always check the instructions that come with the tent you purchase or rent.

Here are some things you should know about setting up a party frame tent.

Lay the Tent Flat on the Ground

The first thing to do is to lay out the tent on the ground. Set all the different parts aside in their own space so you can see what you are working with. You will be able to better understand where each part goes and how those parts work together as you set up the tent.

Connect the Crowns

The crown of a frame tent is what gives them the attractive peaks that make the tent look more like a building. The peaks are connected by pins that fit right into place on the poles. This is the first part of setting up the frame itself.

Construct the Top of the Frame

The next step is to begin setting up the top of the tent frame. Your tent should come with specific instructions that will provide these steps. In general, the frame top is connected to the crowns. It also connects to the poles that hold the tent up. This is a vitally important step as you want the tent to be strong and secure. You may need to add ratchet straps to the tent frame to ensure it holds together properly, especially if you anticipate high winds.

Lace Together the Tent Sides

Next, lay out the sides of the tent. You may want to lay out a tarp or large drop cloth before you place the sides of the tent on the ground to prevent the canopy from getting dirty. Roll out the top of the canopy and lace it on the sides with the grommets. Once you lace the sections together, close the rain flap. Continue lacing the sides together with the top of the canopy and make sure everything is secure. You then will cut each lace line and repeat the process for the whole canopy.

Attach the Top of the Tent

Once the frame is constructed, you need to add the top of the tent. Place the tent where you want it to go. Use straps to strap down each corner.

Add the Stakes

The final step is to attach tent stakes. The stakes should be secured in the ground around the entire tent. The tent will have straps that secure the tent to the stakes. Check the stakes throughout the event to ensure they remain strong and in place.